Intercultural Training

Intercultural Trainings are subdivided in trainings that

  1. develop intercultural competences,
  2. assess intercultural competences, and
  3. train individuals and teams in intercultural communication.

Coaching for individuals and teams can be included to develop selected comeptencies on an in-depth level.

Intercultural competencies in international management

Intercultural competence is one of the key competences of experts and professionals in international management. The development of intercultural competencies includes the improvement of strategic, individual, professional, social and linguistic competences which are of main importance to be successful in executive positions.

We offer training to develop intercultural competences in business organisations, for employees and managers, as well as intercultural competences in international business interactions and negotiations.

We train employeees in health organisations to develop intercultural competences, medical staff, general practitioners and doctors.

We also offer interculturall competence trainings for employees in juridical contexts, such as judges, layers, bailiffs, officials with certain judicial powers and other members of legal professions.

Intercultural competences are required in institutions of Higher Education, such as in schools, social and youth organisations as well as kindergardens. Intercultural competence is a key competence for teachers in schools and lectures in insitutions of higher education