Intercultural health management

Health and well-being gain increasing importance in management and organisational contexts across cultures. Health and well-being of employees and managers depend on the ability to comprehend situations and processes, to cope with challenges and to activate resources to face challenges effectively and healthily.
The concept of salutogenesis (Antonovsky, 1979) - and thereby the question of how people stay healthy - gains increasing interest in (international) management contexts and organisations. At the same time, health management programmes and systems need to use intercultural approaches to be successfully implemented across cultural groups in organisational.

We offer the implementation of intercultural health management

  • Analysis of the existing health management system
  • Implementation of health increasing measures in management
  • Designing an intercultural health management system
  • Designing trainings and internal courses to implement intercultural health management in the organisation.

We offer health and well-being trainings in organisations

  • Intercultural health management in organisations
  • Health promotion and salutogenesis at work
  • Managing stress
  • Intercultural health management
  • Well-being through intercultural competences.

Our offers can be supported by accompanying research studies which evaluate the implementations and trainings scientifically.